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I watched it because I like a good SciFi film. If you’ve ever seen a 1940s detective film with suits, hats, black ties and a cigarette hanging from the detective’s mouth then you will know immediately the look of the film.


If this is the future I am guessing they forgot to use anything other than battleship grey for the scenery.




Everything is seen through the eyes, the screen covered in information wherever they look. I was three feet from the screen and still had trouble making out essential information. I guess it would legible in the cinema, maybe. Your eyes can be hacked, your memories erased, you can be made to see things that aren’t there.


At its heart it’s a simple detective story, track down the girl who murders, or does she?  The dialogue is delivered by and large in the same monotone that reflects the monotone scenery. The director was obviously going for a specific look and style. Did it work? I’m not sure it does, but others may share a different view.




Philip Marlowe kept springing to mind. If that means anything to you then it will, of course, give you an instant idea of the flavour of the film. It was a bit like that chocolate that’s left in the box, the one you don’t like but are going to eat anyway because it’s chocolate after all.


It was enjoyable, it could have been better, the characters could have been more developed, the plotless linear and a subplot might have been nice.



There is gratuitous nudity that is there for the sake of it that adds nothing to the film. The sex scenes are worth watching, I did have a laugh at them, maybe my body is abnormal but it was physically impossible to match male and female reproductive parts in those scenes which again served no purpose in the plot.


Did I enjoy it? Yes, I did, but perhaps for unintended reasons. It is worth a watch.


I’ll give it three stars and encourage you to give it a go.


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In case you didn't know, Anon is now available to watch on Sky Cinema. Smiley Happy


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Hm my bad I ought to have mentioned that 

Boom Operator

A waste of 1 1/2hrs of my life...what utter rubbish. Boring storyline, the 'twist' is obvious a mile off and the SFX look as they they came from the work experience kids. Terrible.