Russell Howard & Mum set off together again!

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Russell as you don’t see him anywhere else, off the stage, away from the studio and out of his comfort zone travelling the world with an unlikely companion... His mum Ninette!


Catch up with Russell Howard & Mum US Road Trip





Last series we saw Russell and mum take on an American Tour. This time, the mother and son duo will be taking a 'gap year' round and South East Asia and India. Visiting some of the worlds most picturesque scenes including Koh Samui, Hanoi and Koh Phangan, it's bound to be the mother of all journeys! 



What are your favourite moments from the Russell Howard & Mum series?

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Another series where the unfunny tiny blonde fake-tanned wannabe bodybuilder constantly verbally flirts with maternal incest as if it's humour?

It's not humour Russell, it's sickening.
And weird.
And wrong.
Very wrong..
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When is this actually meant to air? The TV guide shows Friends is on instead of this?

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Not showing in tv guide!


When does it air?

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when is this on - can t find it on date shown?

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I see the date has been changed to the 23rd now Smiley Happy