Netflix’s Rising Star





The Haunting Of Hill House is shooting up the Netflix charts coming in just behind The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, having only arrived in October which is quite an achievement.


Personally, my interest in horror stories peaked with the Hammer series in the dark ages and nothing much has engaged me since until now. Intelligently written and a well-constructed story of the Crain family both past and present make ita compulsive binge worthy watch.


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It’s not a gorefest but belongs most definitely in the classic horror story genre, more Edgar Allan Poe than Freddie Kruger. It’s the story of Hill House bought by a family who were going to flip it over one long summer and make a pile of money in the process.


It is based on Shirley Jackson's 1959 novel of the same name.


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It was a puzzle that slowly, over ten episodes, fell into place. There were ghosts and apparitions in plentiful supply whether in the house or in their present homes and lives.


There were dreams that might not have been dreams, scenes that might not have been real. And then there is the one room in Hill House painted red that no one can enter as the door won’t let you open it. Yet it is always open.




Truly a fabulous series with an excellent cast, superb lighting effects, a great script and because of its already phenomenal success talk of a second series even though the story that is told in  Season 1 is complete.


Stephen King calls it as nearly as perfect a story of a haunted house that you can get.



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I loved this series. Surreal and magical at the same time, almost like a fairytale, but scarier of course 😆. Carla Gugino is amazing in the role of Olivia Crain, she's just affirmed her acting "maturity" and therefore the ability to take on more sophisticated parts, just like Winona Ryder in Stranger Things


Can't imagine what else they can tell in a second season... Perhaps the story of the house, before the Crains moved in? 


As far as I can tell from reading industry news the only desire to make a second series is due to the phenomenal success of the show. I can think of many ways it could continue with the present cast or a new cast or even the stories of the past folk who live fed in the house or turn it in its head and make the story about the horder of dead people trapped in the house or life behind the red door ?

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Wow, that sounds fantastic, ordinarily I would not watch any series, I just want to watch the film, But I did enjoy the film it was brilliant unless you can watch all 10 episodes at one time it would almost be a film,