Netflix favourites: The Good Witch


The Good Witch began as a series of films on the Hallmark Channel. It is a Canadian production. Cassie Nightingale is a witch, but not as you might imagine, she is played by Catherine Bell the owner of a little shop in Middleton, Bell, Book and Candle. She also runs a Bed and Breakfast called Grey House.



It is light-hearted and amusing full of schmaltz. There are a number of very well fleshed out characters that inhabit fictional Middleton. I particularly like her daughter and Martha the Mayor.


There is no spellcasting just a way of getting things to work out the way they are meant to do so, in a perfect world. The stories and films have been developing over the last eight years so that it has quite a background story now of events and history. 



Available on Netflix are two of the films including a special Christmas wedding. The spin-off TV series is also available, There are four seasons at the moment. It will never set the world on fire for acting, plot or anything else, it is what might expect from the US Hallmark Channel or films on Movies 24.


When you want to watch pleasant TV with your mind on autopilot it is soothing wallpaper TV. I like it but would hesitate to suggest it is a must watch.


The Good Witch’s Gift from 2010 is a Christmas Wedding made for TV movie. There is one more from 2014 available although Hallmark produced one a year. The TV series moves on from the films as Cassie is now a widow.



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