Netflix favourites - Atypical


This is a must watch on Netflix. The story of Sam. Sam is autistic in a world of neurotypicals.



Sam is autistic. He is in the final years of High School and is becoming interested in girls. Yet navigating these angst-ridden years is proving very hard indeed. He is helped and protected by his younger sister, Casey.


It is what these days is called a dramedy, a cross between drama and comedy, it focuses on the stories of all the members of the family and so provides a rich interwoven storylines.


This heartfelt comedy follows Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, who has decided he is ready for romance. In order to start dating -- and hopefully, find love -- Sam will need to be more independent, which also sends his mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) on her own life-changing path. She and the rest of Sam's family, including a scrappy sister and a father seeking a better understanding of his son, must adjust to change and explore what it means to be "normal." (Official blurb)

Season One was great, Season Two has a longer run and is even better. It has been commissioned for a third series. We loved it, the kind of show you are glad to see returning and one that is hard not to binge watch. Every character is well drawn and has real depth, his best friend, his girlfriend and his therapist.


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The two seasons currently available are an absolute delight. Sam is obsessed with Antarctica and Penguins and watching it just a real feel-good experience.



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