My very first VR experience

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I'm completely new to VR.


I was excited about the Oculus Go (henceforth OG) when I first heard about it as it was advertised as a standalone headset, no smartphone needed. Great for me, as I didn't have a smartphone. Then I found out you do need one which put a dampener on the whole thing.


So, I bought a smartphone which arrived 2 days ago, on the same day as my OG. I had hoped the USB charger plug that came with the phone would be okay to use to charge the OG. I was advised it wasn't. So I had to buy a new plug. That arrived today. As you can see, not the greatest of starts.

Anyway, I have finally got the OG up & running, albeit only on 38% battery to start with, so this won't be a big review.


What do I think?


Well, I am a 57-year-old male & I am not the type to use or say OMG! in my daily life, but.....



OMG! It is a truly bizarre experience & I've barely started. I certainly haven't got to grips with it yet, that will take time I guess. Finding yourself sitting in an enormous room & looking around & then standing up to see what's behind is very weird indeed.


I have no idea how I'd feel if this was 6dof (google it, will take too long to explain here), I think this 3dof is enough for me right now. I took a bobsleigh ride first off, which was cool. Then I gave Netflix a quick go & I loved it.


Watched the beginning of La La Land sitting on a nice big red sofa with nobody near me & watching on a nice big cinema screen. The effect is amazing.







The battery was running low at this point so I chose a rollercoaster ride next. Maybe not the best idea, man that was scary. I don't know how, but it felt I was sitting in the seat of the car for real, I swear I could feel the vibrations. I got about halfway around, was reaching a peak of the track when the battery went, so I'm now charging the headset & waiting for my next go.

I am definitely very impressed with the whole thing, but it is hard to try & describe what you're experiencing.


The only way is to give it a go & that is something I would definitely recommend.