Member review: The Leisure Seeker


The Leisure Seeker which has just premiered on Sky Cinema is an excellent film. It reflects some of the problems that hit us as we become elderly. It stars Helen Mirren as the wife of Donald Sutherland. She has terminal cancer and he has dementia. The future for neither is rosy. 


Donald Sutherland And Helen Mirren in the movie The Leisure Seeker.jpg


However, one night escaping from strictures of hospitals and pills they start up their battered rust bucket 1970s Winnebago and head south towards the Florida Keys. Their son and daughter are frantic but they refuse to tell them where they are or what they are actually up to. Donald Sutherland’s character is a retired English teacher with a passion for Hemingway. It’s to his house they are headed in Florida.


Along with this fascinating road trip they have a series of adventures and problems. There is much humour as they do their best to get to where the inevitable will happen.



It’s a good film well acted and the characters are totally believable and you are drawn into their lives ever deeper as the film progresses. We found it an excellent watch and deeply moving in parts so much so that we didn’t feel like watching anything else after this as it had touched us deeply and raised a few issues worth talking over.


It is definitely worth watching, a pleasure to see such excellent and respected actors working with a first class script.



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