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I'm not a big fan of musical films I've seen a few such as Grease, Saturday Night Fever  the Rocky Horror Picture Show and my favourite musical being Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War of the Worlds so when my wife suggested we watch this I was a bit reluctant but I needn't have worried.


So, picture a miserable Sunday afternoon pouring with rain the wife suggests we could watch a film.. What will we watch I asked the reply was The Greatest Showman.  I suggesting downloading the UHD version for her and I fully intended to continue using my tablet and being on the forum.


Cue the film starting, Phineas Taylor Barnum is introduced as a young boy trying to make a living with his father and introducing us to his childhood sweetheart Charity who is from a well to do family and quickly sent away to finishing School here the first song is sung. The young PT Barnum is next seen grown up and married to Charity with children.



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He starts his museum with dead and live oddities such as the bearded woman and Tom Thumb. Thus starts his Circus which as a showman he takes part in it. Due to the oddities (freaks as they are called in the film), some of the locals protest about the circus.


Getting an invite to England Barnum meets Jenny Lind a singer and decides to promote her tour of the USA leaving his Circus in the hands of his partner and possibly ruining his marriage. Barnum returns from the tour early to find a fight has broken out between the protesters and the circus performers and the building is on fire. He risks his life to save his partners.


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With his Circus building completely destroyed and no money all looks over until his partner tells him he put aside some money and they can start again but need a building. Barnum proposes using a tent to save money thus the travelling circus is born.


So after 5 minutes I put my tablet down and watched the entire film as I said above it is loosely based on PT Barnum but with a lot of poetic licenses. I was surprised that quite a few of the songs I had actually heard before. The music was excellent but that could have been due to some of the songs being in the charts and having airtime but I hadn't realised where these songs had come from.


Was it a good film? In my opinion, yes.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would.


In fact, I haven't enjoyed a film this much for a long time.


I would give this  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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  @Laing1 Glad you put your tablet down to enjoy a really good film, you'd've missed a treat otherwise. I saw this at the cinema & hadn't heard any of the songs, but I was tapping my feet to them from the very beginning. Somehow, they seemed to be songs that I'd heard before even though I hadn't. That's clever songwriting for you.

  Moving on to something else, my gf & I went to see Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds live show on Monday, have you seen it yet? Really great spectacle, very different from other stage musicals we've seen, we both enjoyed it very much. It reminded me that I used to have the original album on vinyl, sadly lost when I upgraded to the CD version. This year sees the 40th anniversary of the album & the 120th anniversary of the HG Wells book. Would definitely recommend the show if you haven't been, although I suspect you already have.


@merv60 My wife and I love Jeff Wayne's War of the world's. We were both lucky enough to see it on the 30th Anniversary tour in Cardiff so had a nice weekend away to see that. We hadn't realised it was 10 years ago that we went to that and were oblivious to the 40 the Anniversary tour until a few weeks ago.


I had heard a lot about the greatest showman but honestly thought it really wasn't for me 😀😀😀 how wrong was I ??? Maybe i'm just mellowing in my old age 😀😀😀