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William Friedkin and Mark Kermode teamed up to write the narration of the documentary The Devil and Father Amorth. Friedkin is, of course, famous as the man who brought The Exorcist (based on a real event) into our world. 


Now many years later he meets with a 91-year-old exorcist in Rome and for the first time ever is able to film a real exorcism taking place. It’s scary!


The documentary film on a tiny camera and being far from polished doesn’t provide the high-quality visuals we expect these days but it is nevertheless none the worse from being handicapped by poor equipment.


It is a reasonably balanced documentary that includes many interviews with Neurologists and Psychiatrists as they try to make sense of what they see. They seem to fail however having not witnessed it ever in a clinical setting.


It is scary to watch. Possibly in its own way scarier than The Exorcist. At a time when throughout the world on every continent there is an exponential growth in the demand for exorcism, this is a timely addition to the Netflix documentary strand.


It is well worth a watch. It certainly unsettled me.



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Father ("Padre" in Italian) Amorth is very famous in Italy. I may give this documentary a shot, although I'm a bit sensitive to supernatural activity stuff... I believe The Exorcist is the masterpiece of horror, together with IT. I have been seriously traumatised by both films to the point where even images of the scenes give me the chills. I'll never watch them again! 


It doesn’t have the scary effects of either but it well worth watching.If the devil exists then by default who else is real?