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Bruce Springsteen is something of a legend. After writing his autobiography and releasing an album inspired by songs in the book an idea formed in his mind to do something on Broadway. A show in a small Broadway theatre was supposed to run for about a month but ended up with breaks lasting most of a year.


He is alone on stage with an acoustic guitar and a piano. Mostly he is talking about his life in a natural unscripted way, starting with his childhood. This is interspersed with some of his famous songs, often interrupted by more chat. He reveals he is fake!


Despite the working man, blue collared image he explains he has never done a proper day’s work in his life. His image is based on his Dad who was the working man of his songs. He laughs as he talks about Born to Run and how he lives ten minutes from the street where he grew up.


It is very intimate, perhaps self-indulgent, but this is an old man looking back on his career and sharing how it all came to be. There is a very touching tribute to Clarence who is someone who needs no introduction to his fans. He was the legendary saxophonist of the E Street Band who died recently.


This is poetic master class far different from what you might expect.


If you are a fan of The Boss then this is a must watch.



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Am not really fond of Springsteen, But for a singer, he is not bad, He is getting a bit long in the tooth for stunts he pulled years ago, has he got the stamina?