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I have no idea what category this series fits in, it might be sci-fi, tales of the unexpected or comedy but it is one of the best shows I have ever binge-watched. I am talking about the stunningly excellent Russian Doll on Netflix.


“A woman gets caught in a mysterious loop, repeatedly attending the same party and dying at the end of the night, only to awake the next day unharmed.”

There is so much more to it than this synopsis from Netflix. Natasha Lyonne is the star with a stunning shock of curly red hair it took me a little while to recognise her as one of the characters from Orange is the New Black. It was her distinctive voice that provided the clue.


It has a most satisfactory plot that reaches a great ending. It can be viewed on many levels as we learn more about her life as she tries to work out what is happening. It becomes extremely interesting when she discovers a man who is also dying at the same time as she does. There are many funny moments when she dies repeatedly, some are laugh out loud slapstick scenes perfectly executed for maximum comic timing.


But there is a deeper truth behind it all. It is only when everything material is slowly removed and certain truths faced that there is the possibility of redemption from the endless loop in which they are stuck. And so once faced truth emerges and we reach a satisfying end. It also raises issues about time itself, something that has intrigued me for decades.


I went to bed elated and very late having watched something very special. Natasha Lyonne‘s performance is a tour de force and I hope she gets the recognition she undoubtedly deserves for this masterly performance.


I must also mention the superb soundtrack!



The theme is Harry Nilson’s Gotta Get Up, and the final song at the end of the eight episodes is one my all time favourites Alone Again Or by Love from the seminal album Forever Changes.



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Just had a recommendation for this from a colleague as well. My wife really likes Amy Poehler.


@Sam-R Just discovered after reading high praise of this show in the Radio Time that Natasha Lyonne helped to write the series !