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Shown over three nights on ITV and starring Martin Clunes this is a must watch. It is available on Catch Up. It tells the true story of a murder hunt for a serial killer in London between 2004 and 2006.


Based on the book written by the SIO on the case it shows in great detail the police procedures in hunting down what turned out to be a serial killer at work. It tells us the story of Colin Sutton (played by Martin Clunes) and how he managed to get the evidence he needed to get Levi Bellfield convicted of two murders and later another murder and attack.




It drives home the slow mind-numbing slog that it takes to gather evidence. This was driven home in one scene where two detectives spend their days on a motorway bridge looking for a white van. Hours of painstakingly slow work trawling through records, CCTV footage and following up any leads.


Even though we know that in the end, it all works out, it nevertheless is a spellbinding edge of your seat viewing, There is no gore, no unnecessary titillation of the viewer just the amazing dedication of the Murder Unit involved. I was left deeply moved by the mini-series.


Horrified by the depravity of a human being it was a haunting and difficult programme to watch and digest, knowing that this was about real events and real crimes. In one sense it was utterly shocking and yet profoundly insightful into how our police force works. In a word, it was amazing to watch, a great television event.


One of the best programmes I have watched in years. I encourage you to watch on catch up if you haven’t seen it.



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We were talking about this one in a meeting last week. We often close with a chat about what we're watching on the telly. This one came up as a strong recommendation.