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Anyone watched Charlie Brooker's latest Black Mirror episode, Bandersnatch on Netflix yet?


If you haven't, put some time in for it because you could be watching for a long time (even though the running time is listed as 90 minutes). That's because this is an interactive episode where you get to decide, by using your remote, where you want the story to go.


Make a wrong decision & you can find yourself right back at the beginning of the episode, this happened to us at least twice. Apparently, there are ten different endings (you can find out about them with a quick google search).


This is genius TV & maybe the way forward, though Charlie Brooker has ruled out ever doing it again as it was such a huge challenge to write & film. We really enjoyed it, it was fun to join in & make the decisions & the programme itself was very clever.


Be aware that the interactive part isn't available to watch on Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

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I started watching it and then I fell asleep...😜  Will give it another ago, it's very cool, feels like playing a video game, except for the character are "flesh and blood" so to speak. I guess that's where they got the idea from. 

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Absolutely love this concept. Had to go back two more times to see different endings, wasn't aware there is 10!! Certainly need more than 90 mins Smiley Very Happy


Looking forward to seeing what else they do with this, considering the whole Netflix back and front end had to be upgraded to support it, which I expect wasn't cheap and very complicated.