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Tom Hollander, John Malkovich and Sandra Bullock Star in the runaway success Bird Box. Claimed by Netflix to be the most watched film on its service with 45 million viewers in its first week of release.


It’s a post-apocalyptic thriller or maybe horror story. A malignant force spreads across the world, seeing it causes people to commit suicide. The only solution is to be blindfolded if outside or stay inside with the curtains closed.


The rights to the film were acquired by Universal before the book was published. Eventually, it fell to Netflix to make the film. We spend five years with a group who find refuge in a house.


Slowly the numbers dwindle till we are left with just Sandra Bullock and two five-year-olds. A crackly radio message promises sanctuary in a safe location best reached by a river journey strewn with rapids and danger, a journey that must be undertaken blindfolded.


I watched it because of the cast and the heavy promotion on the Netflix front page. It was tolerably enjoyable and lacked any real originality. We have seen it all before from the Day of the Triffids onwards. It tries hard but never quite makes it even with backstories. It’s worth a watch but we’ve seen it all before.



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I really enjoyed this one. Particularly the flashback flash forward stuff. Which is weird because that usually gets on my nerves. 


The post-apocalyptic thing is in danger of being overdone though in recent times. 


It's like a clever patchwork of stuff I like. The Stand + Walking Dead + George Romero style supermarket sweep + 28 days later + plus that post-apoc film where the aliens were sensitive to sound. 

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Yeahhhh I kinda liked it, thought there was a great idea in there somewhere, but unlike A Quiet Place which relies on genius usage of sound, this prevented you from fully being immersed, unless the whole film was done behind a blindfold Smiley Very Happy


It was alright, but also super dumb in places. I'm very much enjoying the various memes though!

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It's good and I'd watch it again.


I agree that some parts don't make much sense... and there are some unresolved situations that would need more elaboration, like what happens to the trainee Police officer and the guy?!


I particularly liked the end, as it provides a raw ending open to interpretations, no cliches but hope. I'm not a fan of all's well that ends well endings, especially in thrillers. Who knows, they might make a sequel? 


Another 👍🏻 for Netflix.