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This post-apocalyptic thriller centres around one family.


Reptilian blind monsters hunt all living creatures using echolocation. As a result, the film is mainly silent communication is in sign language. It has a real atmosphere, stunning use of silence and wariness keeps you on your toes.


"[The] breathless opening reveals Krasinski’s sophisticated filmmaking approach, setting up the premise and showcasing the meticulous attention to detail that will turn his lean story into a masterclass of tension. While it is mostly devoid of dialogue, it is a film rich in subtle textural detail. From the sand-strewn paths on which the family carefully tread to their simple white-light/red-light warning system, the visual tapestry of their everyday life is a constant reminder of how they cope with their predicament." (Nikki Baughan, 

A Quiet Place review: a masterly evocation of silent terror, BFI)

Also, horror author Stephen King praised the film in a tweet.



It was an enormous box office hit far exceeding expectations. The story unfolds until at the end they find the creature's weakness. The film ends at this point.

Now it was a good yarn but I have a few issues maybe a tad pedantic but after the baby is born it is the quietest child I’ve ever come across. They also have unlimited electricity powering CCTV, lights inside and out, running screens, Ham Radio yet there is no sound of a generator nor a need for fuel but they still have to use candles.


That causes me problems. Apparently, women can also give birth without making a noise. Hm.

Anyway, that aside it’s a compelling watch and builds tension. The most terrifying scene takes place in a grain silo where one of the children is sucked into the corn as though in quicksand. Horrible!



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I watched A Quiet Place and I share the same perplexities around the incredibly "quiet" delivery. It also seems to me that there's a close resemblance between the creatures of A Quiet Place and the ones in Stranger Things... I guess they have played out all the possibilities in terms of monsters and aliens looks. 


That said, it's a good film that makes exceptional use of silence and non-verbal communication; we need more of these! The thrill kind of fades away the moment the family discovers the creatures' Achille's heel, just like @SDR mentioned, and you're left with a big "WHAT NOW" question mark.


I wouldn't say that they lost in the end, but they could have been a bit more creative...


Just sayin'! 🤓