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This is a film about Dusty Springfield and Slapper. No not that one! 


I found this film utterly charming. Young Dusty from a very working-class family leaves his posh boarding school in 1977 (scholarship) and feels like a fish out of water on his return home to his terraced house.


“Dusty & Me is the kind of film that you can watch with the whole family and it’s a wonderfully heartwarming story. It has elements of comedy and drama but generally keeps things quite light, which I liked.“

(Pip Elwood Hughes, Entertainment Focus)

He encounters a greyhound regarded as useless because it won’t run and so begins the gentle tale of a boy, his dog and the girl who works in the chippy.


By turns a story of a divided family, a doting Mum and an always down the pub curmudgeonly father, and a story of love blossoming between young people and a dog.


Luke Newberry as Derek (Dusty) & Ben Batt as Little Eddie.jpg© 2015 Keep Your Trap Shut Limited


We have pantomime villains keen to snatch the dog, reminiscent of the dodgy characters in 101 Dalmations. It manages to capture accurately the era and its obsession with brown. (You had to be there, it seemed cool at the time!).


It’s a very gentle film and I found it utterly endearing. There is a good cast with an excellent performance from Lesley Sharp as the mother and Ian Glen from Game of Thrones as Mickey the Bubble with a dodgy toupee. Ian Hart another veteran plays the Father exquisitely.


Genevieve Gaunt as Chrissie.jpg


The young hero of the film, Luke Newberry was unknown to me as was the girl, Genevieve Gaunt although she was it turns out in Harry Potter.


Dusty and Me it’s new to Sky Premiere this week and well worth watching.



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