Lifetime HD closes today 24 January 2019

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On 24 January 2019, Lifetime HD will no longer be available on the Sky platform.



You may notice a change on 23 January 2019, when Lifetime (SD) will appear on your TV Guide at channel 164 and Lifetime HD at 838, regardless of the type of box or Sky subscription you have. Then, from the 24 January, Lifetime HD will no longer appear in the TV Guide.  


As a result of the changes, future recordings and series links you’ve set from 24 January from Lifetime HD will not record.


But don’t worry – after the changes, you’ll still be able to record all your favourite programmes on Lifetime (SD) following these few simple steps.


  • Just go to your Sky+HD planner or Sky Q Recordings from 24 January, and delete any planned recordings you have set on Lifetime HD.
  • Then, re-select what you want to record from Lifetime (SD) in the TV Guide (including any series links) at channel number 164. Programmes recorded before 24 January 2019 from Lifetime HD will not be affected.


And remember, if you miss your favourite Lifetime programme, you can find it in the Catch-up area on your Sky + or Sky Q box.




Sky competes with Netflix and Amazon (who offer everything in HD), and decisions such as shutting down HD channels makes even more people leave. 


And saying “don’t worry I can still record my favourite programmes”? Not in “blurry” definition I won’t. 


Its like goimg back in time. 


Who is making these decisions?


I’m baffled. 


Sky didn't make the decision to shut down the HD version - the broadcaster did.


Maybe true. But Sky must have some say in the matter - why else would it still be available in HD on other providers (Virgin, etc) 

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The HD version isn't closing down on BT or virgin ( according to a516 digital), so how can it have nothing to do with sky?


Sky aren't the broadcaster of this channel - they simply sell a slot on the programme guide. It's up to the broadcaster what they use it for.


Rscott - you are missing the point. 


Why defend a decision (no matter who made it) that reverses progression. 


No - I'm explaining that you're complaining about the wrong company. 

The broadcaster is entirely responsible for the disappearance of this channel. Sky can't force them to carry on 

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Hi all,


We understand how this can be disappointing to Lifetime viewers, but the decision to remove the HD channel has been taken in agreement with the broadcaster, A&E Networks.


For more information about the removal, you can contact the broadcaster directly



Thanks for your opinion. 

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Lifetime is owned by a&e UK, a joint venture between a@e and sky. Please stop spinning the line this has nothing to do with sky, it clearly does.


Even the “official” word from Sky says “taken in agreement” so .....


the point is - shifting back to SD is not moving technology and usability forward and anyone from Sky (or for the sake of argument even A&E) reading this please register it as a request to bring back HD Lifetime on Sky. 

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Totally agree. This is a very backwards step and very strange.

Executive Producer

I agree it is a backwards step.\I think Sky should remove the SD channela nd let Lifetime lose viewers.


And any new channel should not be allowed to be SD only.



As you well know, Sky can't pull a channel just because it's in SD. It would need to break the rules around EPG inclusion for Sky to remove it.

The simple economics are that broadcasting in HD costs more than SD (as more satellite bandwidth is required) so it's simply not profitable for these low viewer channels to do so.

The extra advertising revenue from the HD only viewers wouldn't cover their extra costs.

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Sky can make contracts that specify the removal of the channel if the HD version goes. Sky can also say that if you have an HD channel, you broadcast it or you go. Sky need to be more forceful on getting HD instead of losing it. Why are we paying for HD when we don't have all the HD we should?



No, they can't. These are the rules agreed with Ofcom for allocating slots in the programme guide - .

Nothing in there allows Sky to force a broadcaster to implement an HD channel .


Basically, if a broadcaster wants an EPG slot and meets the rules set down in that document, Sky can't stop them acquiring a slot.


Rscott thanks for your “expertise” but I don’t think many of us care. All I know is a channel I watch a couple of shows on on Sky, that once broadcast in HD, no longer do. That is a backwards step that needs to be sorted out (by whoever needs to sort it out). Stop arguing for the sake of arguing - please. 

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Some people will insist that it has nothing to do with Sky, and they would be right if LIfetime HD was a free to air channel, but it was a subscription channel offered as part of the Sky package. 


Broadcasters who provide channels included in a Sky subscription pack can't close them or make significant changes without agreement from Sky first - so at the very least, Sky will have agreed to the closure.

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Well this answers my question as to why the Horror channel on Sky (not the one you get in the movies package) isn't in HD (i really wish it was cos they do some good films quite often) it's obviously a lower budget channel and thus the broadcaster doesn't want to have that channel in HD :-( or subtitles for that matter.


I am of course in agreement that moving forward, there needs to be way more channels in HD.

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@whiteonline  Another issue is that not all the channels that have their HD channel have their HD channel on Sky.

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@JonW42 So there are some channels that have HD say for example with BT but choose not to have them with Sky?

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@whiteonline  Lifetime, Eden, H2, Paramount, and 4Seven all have HD channels not on Sky. There may be others. But those are the ones that come to mind first.

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@JonW42 not good then really. 

Series Linker

This is a rediculous explanation. I’ve never heard of reversing technology back. Sky should have found an alternative for their customers. 


A&E Networks UK is a joint venture with A&E Networks and Sky,


Possible reasons why Lifetime HD closed:



A&E Networks UK and Sky's contract was renewed, Lifetime HD was not included.

A&E Networks didn't agree with Sky [or vice versa] and a compromise was decided.

A&E Networks UK's decided to remove Lifetime HD as viewing figures are down

A&E Networks UK are not willing to pay Sky to broadcast Lifetime HD

A&E Networks UK want to focus more on their other channels.

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@Kei-Jo  Or too many Sky subscribers don't have HD. That's something Sky can sort out by combining the Entertainment scubscription witht he HD subsription and making everyone on a Sky+ box swap to a Sky+HD box. Then everyone on Sky will have HD and there's then more reason for channel to keep the HD version and more reason for new channels to add HD.



Surely everyone has HD capability these days? If not move on!