Launches & Changes to Sky Channels - November 2018

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Tuesday 30th October 


New Channel Launch:


  • CBS Reality (ROI)  EPG 146. CBS Reality is inspired by real life drama, crime, the bizarre and the unexplained. Bringing you sensational unscripted.


Thursday 1st


  • VTV (EPG 777) has been restored to the EPG, after a temporary removal.
  • Massive R&B (EPG 373) renames to Total Country. Celebrating country music - old & new! From classic Dolly Parton & Garth Brooks to Carrie Underwood, Ward Thomas & The Shires.
  • Food Network (EPG 197) swaps with Discovery Shed (EPG 172)
  • Sky Spooky / SkySpookyHD (EPG 302) renames to Sky Hits/ Sky Hits HD. Sky Cinema presents the biggest and the best movies - the hits you missed and the blockbusters you want to watch again.
  • Sky ScFiHorror/ Sky ScFiHorrorHD (EPG 310) will swap with Sky Action / Sky Action HD
  • Chartshow Hits (EPG 366) renames to Christmas Hits. Christmas Hits will keep you in the festive mood with our 24/7 party playlist.


Friday 2nd


  • Sky Drama/ Sky Drama HD (EPG 309) swaps with Sky Greats/Sky Greats HD


Saturday 3rd


  • Sky Drama/ Sky Drama HD (EPG 309) renames to Sky Christmas/ SkyChristmsHD. Wish it could be Christmas every day? We make your wish come true with a sack full of festive crackers on our dedicated Christmas channel.


Monday 5th 


  • Sky Superhero (EPG 850)/ SkySuperheroHD (EPG 309) renames to Sky Greats/ Sky Greats HD. Relive the powerful and influential golden age of Hollywood – timeless storytelling, unforgettable hits and movie legends.
  •  SkyAnimation/ AnimationHD (EPG 305) renames to Sky Family/ Sky Family HD. Watch the memorable movies together - they're filled with fantasy plots, heroic characters, and incredible animations.


Friday 9th


  • MTV ROCKS (EPG 355) renames to VH1 Christmas. Get ready to sing it loud to your festive faves as VH1 becomes the home of Christmas Hits.


Wednesday 14th


  • Scuzz (EPG 366) swaps with Chartshow Hits (EPG 370)


Thursday 15th


Channel Removals:


  • Sony Crime 2 (EPG 181)
  • Scuzz (EPG 366)
  • V Channel (EPG 680)


  • PTV Prime (EPG 718) swaps with AAJ TAK  (EPG 738) and PTV Prime is listed at (EPG 783)


Friday 16th


  • Sky Hits HD (EPG 302) renames to Sky StanLeeHD. Sky Cinema pays tribute to the Marvel-lous world of comic book legend Stan Lee with a dedicated channel.


Monday 19th


  • Sky Stan Lee (EPG 843)/ Sky StanLeeHD (EPG 302) renames to Sky Hits/ Sky Hits HD. Catch the biggest and best films fresh on Sky Cinema on our dedicated hits channel.


Tuesday 20th


  • NOW 80s (EPG 371) renames to NOW XMAS. The home of Christmas hits is back on TV! From Slade, Wizzard & Wham to The Darkness, East 17 & Michael Buble - all the classics are here right NOW.


Thursday 22nd


  • FreeSports (EPG 429) has been temporarily removed from the EPG.


Friday 23rd


  • MTV CLASSIC (EPG 356) renames to MTV XMAS. Your ultimate festive playlist, featuring the biggest and best Christmas tunes of all time.
  • AIT International (EPG 454) has been temporarily removed from the EPG.


Thursday 29th


New Channel Launch:


  • BBC Two Wales HD (Wales Only) - The service will be available at (EPG 102) for HD viewers and (EPG 802) for SD viewers. Approach your viewing from a different angle with innovative, diverse and thought-provoking programming on BBC TWO; the channel with the power to surprise.
  • BBC Two HD listed at (EPG 115 in Wales) will move to (EPG 980 in Wales)
  • BBC Two Wales HD will be listed at (EPG 980) outside of Wales



Friday 30th


  • V5 MONDE (EPG 717) has been permanently removed from the EPG. For more information, you can email the channel directly here



Will more films be added to sky movies Christmas as currently there are only a few decent ones, there is no grinch or Christmas carol yet

Boom Operator

I’m sure there will be extra films added for Christmas closer to the day but it’s only the start of November so a bit early yet don’t you think?

New Viewer

Where has MTV Rocks gone? More than a bit unfair to swap it for Christmas music. 

Extremely disappointing move 😡

New Viewer

Please can you put MTV Rocks back on. There’s already enough Xmas channels for people to get their Steps and Cliff fix.