Launches & Changes to Sky Channels - July 2018

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Sunday 1st


  • CN+1 (EPG 602) renames to Ben 10.  Join Ben 10 and his alien heroes. Watch every episode from Ben 10, Ben 10 Omniverse and Challenge & more.


Monday 2nd


  • MTV OMG (EPG 353) renames to MTV Pride. Your ultimate Pride playlist, celebrating inclusion, diversity and all things LGBT+ 
  • Sky Classics/Sky Classics HD (EPG 311) rename to Sky Select/Sky Select HD. Sky Cinema presents a carefully curated selection of the greatest indies and timeless classics and is the home of World Cinema.

Channels closure:


  • STV2 (117) 
  • Times Now (519)  



Wednesday 4th


New Channel Launch:


  • Paramount SD (EPG 454). Paramount Network is the new UK destination for premium scripted drama, comedy and movies. It’s the channel with big characters and stories, cinematic storytelling, iconic moments and non-stop action.
  • Paramount SD (454) moves to Together (159)
  • Together (159) moves to Paramount SD (454)
  • BET (173) moves to Together (454)
  • Together (454) moves to BET (173)



Monday 9th


  • MTV Pride (EPG 353) renames to MTV OMG. Featuring the biggest hits right now and the hottest trending topics, they "are Obsessed with Music & Gossip."


Tuesday 10th


  • Believe TV (EPG 591) has been temporarily removed from the EPG
  • Sky News Arabia (EPG 758) has been temporarily removed from the EPG 
  • Believe TV and Sky News Arabia have been now restored to the EPG


Wednesday 11th


  • Ben10 (EPG 602) renames to CN+1. “Home to the best & newest cartoons, from Ben 10 to Ed, Edd & Eddy and much more.


Tuesday 12th


  • MTV Pride (EPG 353) renames to MTV OMG
  • CN+1 (EPG 602) renames to Ben10 
  • Sky Greats (303) renames to Sky Tom Cruise. Cinema’s original Top Gun gets his own dedicated channel on Sky Cinema. With Mission: Impossible - Fallout hitting cinemas, we celebrate Tom Cruise’s stellar career with movies ranging from Risky Business to American Made. He’ll have you at hello.
  • Sky Greats HD (303) renames to Tom Cruise HD 
  • BTSptsBoxOffHD (494) renames to BT Box Off HD


Monday 16th


  • FAME TV (452) has been temporarily removed from the EPG
  • SkySp Golf HD (859) renames to SkyThe Open HD from 16th to 24th July
  • SkySp Golf (405) renames to Sky The Open


New channel launch:


  • HUM News (Sky Guide 782)



Tuesday 17th


  • Sky Greats HD (844) renames to TomCruiseHD
  • Sky Greats (303) renames to Sky Tom Cruise 
  • BBC RB 1 moved from EPG  981 to 980


The following channel has been temporarily removed from the Sky Guide:


  • TV Warehouse (676)


 Thursday 19th


  • TV Warehouse (676) has been restored after a temporary removal.


Friday 20th


  • iON TV (773) has been temporarily removed from the EPG


Saturday 21st


  • Sky Family/Sky Family HD (EPG 305) rename to Sky Animation/AnimationHD. Toon in for our fun-packed collection of animated greats - from the all-time hand-drawn greats to today’s computer-generated instant classics.


Tuesday 24th 


  • Sky The Open /  SkyThe Open HD (EPG 405) renames to SkySp Golf / SkySp Golf HD.  Watch live coverage of The Open, The Masters, The US Open, PGA and European tours, LPGA tour and 2018 Ryder Cup. Upgrade today by pressing red or go to Sky Sports News’ new home is ch. 409.

Channel Closure: BBC RB HD (980)


  • BBC RB 1 (981)
  • BBC RB 2 (982)
  • BBC RB 3 (983)
  • BBC RB 4 (984)
  • BBC RB 5 (985)
  • BBC RB 1 moves to (980)


Wednesday 25th


  • Premier HD (EPG 412) renames to Premier 1 HD
  • Premier Sports (EPG 866) renames to Premier 2 and moves to (EPG 435)


Friday 27th


  • France 24 HD (873) moves to EPG 512 as France Eng (512) and gets permanently removed from the EPG.


Monday 30th


  • Sky Tom Cruise/TomCruiseHD (EPG 303) rename to Sky Greats/ Sky Greats HD. Relive the powerful and influential golden age of Hollywood – timeless storytelling, unforgettable hits and movie legends.




What's  happening with Sky1 hd, my tv guide doesn't show any programs available from Wednesday (17thJuly) onward.


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Hi @Mulder1013,


This has been passed on to our EPG team to look into. Apologies for the inconvenience.