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The film starts 17 years previous with a newsreel history of the fictional Russian State of Sekovia and how the leaders Dimitri (killed in a Russian airstrike) and brother Arkady were deposed (all set to Frankie Goes to Hollywood song Two Tribes)


Fast forward 17 years and Michael Knox (ex-US Soldier) arrives in the UK to visit Rachel who's husband served under Knox before being killed in action.  Knox persuades Rachel to allow him to take her daughter Danni to the West Ham football match. Once in the stadium, Danni leaves Knox to go see some friends whilst he is buying some food for them. Unknown to either of them and the rest of the crowd, terrorists have entered the stadium locked all the exits and taken over the police control room. 


Whilst searching for Danni, Knox becomes aware of the terrorists and kills a few. Thus the fun and games begin with Knox searching for Danni, the terrorists looking for him and we learn that the leader of the terrorists is none other than the deposed Sekovia leader Arkady looking for his brother Dimitri who it seems did not die and has had extensive plastic surgery to alter his appearance and is attending this match.


After a lot of twists and turns and some superb motorbike chases (maybe not to realistic inside the stand of a football stadium) and stunts, even more killings Knox is eventually reunited with Danni after help from Faisal (one of the stewards played by Amit Shah) and goes in search of Dimitri to hand him over to the authorities.




Danni is then kidnapped by the terrorists as Knox finds Dimitri and an exchange is arranged.


I won't spoil the ending but safe to say it's explosive. In my opinion, this is a great film to watch. The acting is good so is the casting, was fairly impressed with Dave Batista first time I have watched him as an actor very impressed with the way it was filmed and hope to see more of these Sky Cinema productions.


I would give this   ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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I watched final score last night .. and i loved it !!! it was a really good film especially as sky premieres arnt jujsually that good x

I really enjoyed it x


Watched this film, yes was a good action movie, although the story line was very reminiscent, infact a carbon copy of the film "Sudden Death" starring Jean-Claude Van Damme.

But most enjoyable all the same!