Fan of Mark Kermode? You'll want to see this then.

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Tuesday 17 July @9pm | BBC FOUR



Coming to BBC Four next week is Mark Kermode's Secrets Of Cinema which will comprise of 5 one-hour long episodes with each one taking on a different genre of the cinema.


"Mark Kermode presents a richly entertaining personal guide to cinema, told through some of the most popular film genres, including Rom-coms, heist movies, science fiction and more. With his trademark blend of wit, passion and strong opinion, Mark explores the film-making techniques and storytelling secrets of an eclectic selection of movies - from Hollywood classics to the best of global cinema, from big budget blockbusters to art-house gems.


Mark will focus on a single well-loved genre in each episode. He’ll examine a wide range of films and uncover the key elements they all share while showing how film-makers have put on their own spin to keep these genres thriving – and to keep audiences coming back for more.


Whether he’s demonstrating how to stage the perfect 'meet cute' in a rom-com or to pull off the perfect bank robbery, to create a shocking jump scare in a horror movie or a convincing science fiction future, Mark will help you look at your favourite films with fresh eyes and open your mind to new cinematic treasures." (Den Of Geek)


I am already excited, Mark Kermode is the only film critic that matters IMHO, really looking forward to this series.