Emma Willis delivers babies

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 👶🏻 Tonight 22nd October @11PM on W 🍼


Follow Emma Willis as she trains for three months at Harlow Hospital's busy maternity ward as a Maternity Care Assistant. She'll be working four shifts a week: day and night; alongside the midwifery team helping to deliver babies, discovering first-hand what makes it one of the toughest, but most rewarding careers you can have.


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What made you want to do this series?


"Two things - I watched my mum do it growing up and so it's kind of what I always thought I would do. I didn't necessarily think that I would work in a maternity unit, but that's what my mum did, and I always thought I would end up in a hospital in some way. And the second reason was actually having babies myself. As soon as I gave birth for the first time, I was introduced to what midwives and people who work on a maternity unit do, how much they help you and the incredible things that they get to witness when they see childbirth. That was it, I was like right, I want to be a birthing partner, a doula, a midwife, anything that could get me into a birthing situation...without having to put a camera at the end of the bed and watching myself do it again."



Are there any other professions you would like to have a go at?


"I'd like to go back to delivering babies! Just to do a bit more. I'd love to see different surgeries as well I think. I'd like to face my fears a little bit as well and I always find watching cosmetic surgery the one thing that makes me a bit like OOOH! You know when they're chiselling a nose job, it just makes me feel a bit funny. So, I don't know whether witnessing that in the flesh might strengthen myself to it. A&E I think would be really fascinating as well. I think any area of a hospital really. I just kind of like the environment and what's going on there. Who knows!"  Read more...



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