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The American Deborah E. Lipstadt includes the self-styled historian David Irving in a book about Holocaust deniers, Irving accuses her and Penguin Books of libel and sparks one of the most famous trials in English legal history, that took place at the beginning of the new millennium. The outcome as I am sure you will recall ends up in the utter discrediting, if it were needed, of David Irving.


There is a superb cast, Timothy Spall plays David Irving, Rachel Weisz, Professor Lipstadt. There are many other superb talents here, Tom Wilkinson, John Sessions and the excellent Alex Jennings as the Judge.


Two themes struck me, the first was the failure of a brash American to understand how the legal system in England works (it is of course quite different in Scotland). Eventually, of course, she does understand. The other theme is a paean of praise for the work of Barristers and Judges.



It is an absolutely stellar, thought-provoking insight into the legal system and the crazy world of the purveyors of fake historical narratives. It is refreshing to watch a legal drama that is real and not full of theatricals. Now available on Netflix.


A definite five-star watch.


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