Curfew: The race begins 22 February

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When day turns to night, ordinary people compete for freedom in the world's deadliest street race, Curfew, from the award-winning producers of Peaky Blinders.  



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It’s the near future, and by day the world is very much like the one we know now.


But when dusk falls, the shutters come down, the streets are cleared and a curfew is enforced. It’s in place to protect the population from a virus that’s sweeping the country. But some people think the rules that come with it are too great a price to pay.


And so, there’s the race, an illegal contest set up by an elusive tech billionaire. Over one long, crazy life-changing night, 25 teams set off at breakneck speed in South London and don’t let up until they cross the finish line in the Scottish Highlands. And there can only be one winner.


Alliances will be won and lost, friendships made and broken, lovers and lives ripped apart. And each team will be pushed to the very limit. All in pursuit of the ultimate prize: the chance to escape the world of the curfew for a life in a better place.



Sean Bean as The General


Errol Chambers, AKA The General, made his name pulling off the kind of insane, high-stakes heists no one else had the balls to attempt. A renowned criminal, he’s built a life with his girlfriend Faith (Rose Williams) supplying an increasingly desperate population with what they need to survive in the world of the curfew. But Faith’s pregnant, and she doesn’t want their baby to grow up in a world where you can’t look up at the stars at night without being afraid. So, they’re in the race, not just for their freedom, but for the freedom of their unborn child.


Sean Bean playing The General in the new Sky One street race drama CURFEW.jpeg© Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018


Adam Brody as Max Larssen


Max Larssen made his first million at 12. By 18, he was a billionaire. Algorithms were his thing: he wrote code, built systems, predicted the future and invested accordingly. He was the one man that saw the virus and the curfew coming. So he bought an island in the South Pacific and filled it with the resources to survive for 60 years. Then he started to populate it. But he didn’t just need composers and artists and engineers. To rebuild the world, he also needed people with fire in their bellies, who would do anything to survive. That’s why he created the race.


Adam Brody playing Max Larsen in the new Sky One street race drama CURFEW.jpg© Tiger Aspect Productions Limited 2018


Curfew opens with paramedic Kaye’s (Phoebe Fox) ordered life being shaken up by the return of her sister Ruby (Aimee-Ffion Edwards) and her boyfriend Michael (Malachi Kirby). Ruby has bust Michael out of a secure medical facility, and they are all set to “race themselves free”. Complicating things further is the small matter Michael and Kaye were once together.


Does Kaye ignore her instincts and join the race?