Channel 4+1 regionalisation changes

Community Manager



On 6 December 2018, you may notice that future recordings and series links you’ve set from 13 December 2018 onwards, won’t record.


After the changes, you will still be able to record all of your favourite programmes on Channel 4 +1 just by following these simple steps:


1. Go to your Recordings/Planner and delete any planned recordings you’ve set on Channel 4 +1 on and after 13 December 2018.


2. Then, re-select what you want to record from Channel 4 +1 in the TV Guide, including any series links.


Programmes recorded before 13 December 2018 won’t be affected. 


These changes only affect customers in the Ulster and Midland regions. No other channels or regions are affected.


And remember...


If you miss your favourite Channel 4 programme, you can find All 4 in the Catch Up area on your Sky+ or Sky Q box.