Changes to the Sky TV Guide - January 2019

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Sky TV Guide Sky+ January 2019 key art.jpgHere's where you can find the latest launches and changes to Sky channels. Subscribe to What's On to receive regular updates.



Tuesday 1st


  • At The Races/ At The Races (EPG 415/888) renames to SkySp Racing/ SkySp RacingHD. Live horse racing daily from over 900 UK and French fixtures plus exclusive live coverage of the biggest International events including the Breeders’ Cup, Melbourne Cup Carnival and the Kentucky Derby.


Wednesday 2nd


  • ChristmasGOLD/ Xmas GOLDHD (EPG 110 / 810 / 340 - ROI) renames to GOLD / GOLD HD. The home of Comedy Classics, guaranteed to get you laughing. Brought to you by UKTV. 
  • Xmas GOLD+1 (EPG 210) renames to GOLD+1


Thursday 3rd


  • Sky Christmas / SkyChristmsHD (EPG 309) renames to Sky Drama/ Sky Drama HD. Get caught up in the intrigue, absorbed in the plots and involved in the relationships.
  • Sky Greats/ Sky Greats HD (EPG 303) will swap with Sky Drama/ Sky Drama HD (EPG 309)
  • True Christmas (EPG 319) renames to True Movies. Free to air movies focused on true stories and films that touch the heart.
  • TrueChrstms+1 (EPG 320) renames to True Movies+1. 
  • SkySp Darts / SkySp Darts HD  (EPG 408/862) renames to SkySp Arena / SkySp ArenaHD. Enjoy a huge range of sports including; NFL, international and domestic Rugby, ATP Tennis, WWE, Darts and more. Upgrade today by pressing red or go to
  • SkySp Action / SkySp ActionHD (EPG 407/861) renames to SkySp USA/ SkySp USA HD. Sky Sports USA will be a bespoke destination for our NFL and NBA content showcasing our extensive US Sports Programming.


Friday 4th


  • MTV Base (EPG 351) moves to MTV Base (EPG 353)
  • MTV Hits (EPG 352) moves to MTV Hits (EPG 351)
  • MTV OMG (EPG 353) moves to MTV Music (EPG 352)
  • MTV Classic (EPG 356) moves to MTV Classic (EPG 355)
  • MTV Music+1 (EPG 357) moves to MTV Classic (EPG 356)
  • MTV Rocks (EPG 355) moves to MTV Rocks (EPG 357)
  • MTV Music (EPG 350) remains as MTV Music (EPG 350)
  • Club MTV (EPG 354) remains as Club MTV (EPG 354)


Monday 7th


  • New Channel Launch: Virgin Media (EPG 0215). The Chris Evans Breakfast Show and the best music all day.
  • Sky Musicals/ Sky Musicals HD (EPG 308) renames to Sky Select/ Sky Select HD. Sky Cinema presents a carefully curated selection of the greatest indies and timeless classics and is the home of World Cinema. 
  • Sky Select/ Sky Select HD (EPG 308/849) swaps with to Sky Thriller/ Sky ThrillerHD (EPG 311/852) 
  • CLTV (EPG 192) swaps with to Showcase (EPG 455)
  • Showcase was previously at Sky Guide 455 and is now located at Sky Guide 192.
  • Channel Removal: Believe TV (EPG 591)


Tuesday 8th


  • New Channel Launch: Freesports (EPG 429) ROI Only. Welcome to the world of Free Sports. Free live sports every day from around the world featuring Football, Tennis, Motorsports, Rugby League, Ice Hockey and lots more. More information
  • QVC Xmas (EPG 682) renames to QVC Extra. QVC Extra brings you a selection of the best products from QVC's recent broadcasts.


Friday 11th


  • Sky Comedy/ Sky Comedy HD (EPG 307) renames to Sky Feel Good/ SkyFeelGoodHD. Get happy with our spirit-lifting collection of feel-good comedies. (Effective until 28th January)
  • Jus Punjabi (EPG 712) has been temporarily removed from the TV Guide.


Saturday 12th


  • Sky Hits/ Sky Hits HD (EPG 302) will rename to Sky Megahits/ SkyMegahitsHD. From Avatar to Fast & Furious 8, supercharge your screen time with fifty of the biggest box office movies of all time. (Effective until 9th February)


Saturday 19th


  • Sky Classics/ Sky Classics HD (EPG 303) renames to Spider-Man/Spider-Man HD. Get those spider-senses tingling with our collection dedicated to your friendly, neighbourhood web-slinger.


Monday 21st


  • iON TV has been restored to the TV Guide after a temporary removal.


Tuesday 22nd


  • Sky Greats HD (844) renames to Spider-Man HD
  • Sky Greats SD (303) renames to Spider-Man (Effective until 28th January)


Wednesday 23rd


  • Forces TV moves from 450 on 181 the TV Guide
  • A Plus TV moved from 771 to 738


Thursday 24th 


  • Channel Swap: Forces TV moves from 450 to 181.
  • Channel Swap: A Plus TV moves from 771 to 738


Monday 28th


  • Channel Removal: TV99 (759) has been temporarily removed from the TV Guide.
  • Spider-Man /Spider-Man HD (EPG 303) renames to Sky Greats/ Sky Greats HD. Relive the powerful and influential golden age of Hollywood – timeless storytelling, unforgettable hits and movie legends.
  • Sky Feel Good / SkyFeelGoodHD (EPG 307) renames to Sky Comedy/ Sky Comedy HD. Turn up the fun as eccentric characters take the lead to deliver mayhem and misadventures with lots and lots of laughs.


Thursday 31st


  • Channel Removal: Retail TV (EPG 667)
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So plenty of channel “changes”, but I see a distinct lack of “launches” there. Can we have an accurate headline, instead of inaccurate click bait in future please? 

Community Manager

Hi @Pacco65, I see where you’re coming from and we can definitely review the title of this blog series to better match its content. 



Community Manager

Hi @Pacco65, I see where you’re coming from and we can definitely review the title of this blog series to better match its content. 




Is the rebrand of Sky Cinema Greats to Classics a permanent one and if not when is it due to revert, please?

Community Manager

Hi @DiscoSky,


our EPG team has advised that this is a temporary change. It will eventually revert to Sky Greats, but before that, there will likely be a few more potential name changes.

It’s recently become common to change some of the channel names to fit a theme. So, for example, if the channel is only showing Tom Hanks' movies for a certain period of time, it may temporarily change its name to 'Sky TomHanks'.


Thank you - I see it has now reverted to Greats

Camera Operator

Why is the picture showing SKY+ when SKY is forcing SKYQ on people?


Noticed channel 455 has vanished for some reason.

Community Manager

Morning @smurph69


Showcase is now located at Sky Guide 192. You can find this info in the article, in the Monday 7th list.


@steve30x, it's just to show the TV guide, Sky usually pics either the Sky+ or SkyQ version seemingly at random. They also pick either the UK or Ireland version at random. Have a look at previous months. 

Camera Operator

Kei-Jo SKY+ is much nicer to use than SKYQ in my opinion.

I've noticed in that sky I can't sleep with moving channels losing quite a few I wish I didn't do that reshuffle last year it's everything is so confusing why can't we just have them all the old EPG back but have a number up together


@Villaforever To be prefectly frank, if it's THAT much of an upset, get Netflix.

New Viewer

I think sky are disgusting putting up the price for crap tv , as if they can't get enough of our money, they took Fox News off because of bias reports from sky news, they actually charge for HD which they don't own, they took Irish racing off recently and now ATR isn't worth watching, how many more breaches of contract can they have. When my contract is up soon I will be cancelling my so called one sided contract. Greed greed greed