**Attention: Box Sets expiring soon**

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Tue 6 Mar


  • The Only Way is Essex S12
  • The Frankenstein Chronicles S2
  • Plebs
  • Doc Martin S8


Tue 13 Mar


  • Timewasters
  • Long Lost Family S7


Wed 14 Mar


  • Castle S1-8


Tue 20 Mar


  • The Librarians S1-3
  • The Real Housewives of Cheshire S6


Fri 23 Mar


  • 1992


Sat 24 Mar


  • Mosaic


Tue 27 Mar


  • The Walking Dead S1-7
  • Talking Dead S7-8
  • Yianni: Supercar Customiser


Wed 28 Mar


  • Endeavour S1-4


Fri 30 Mar


  • South Park S11-12


Sat 31 Mar


  • Third Wheel
  • Take Me Out Celebrities Special S9
  • Take Me Out S9
  • River Monsters S4-5
  • Harlots
  • Russell Howard's Stand-Up Central S1-2
  • Born To Kill S6
  • Catfish: The TV Show 6a & 6b
  • Citizen Khan S3
  • Dandelion Dead
  • Last Tango in Halifax
  • wild Australia with Ray Mears
  • Brideshead Revisited


Sun 1 Apr


  • Hunted S1-2


Tue 3 Apr


  • Dress To impress S1
  • James Martin's French Adventure


Wed 4 Apr


  • Code of A Killer
  • Just Tatoo Of Us S1-2
  • Outside Edge S1-3


Sat 10 Apr


  • Bromans
  • Celebrity Showmance


Mon 12 Apr


  • Are You The One S1-6


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Still no update on box sets arriving in March?

Community Manager

Hi @R+Clegg,


you can find them here.


When I try your “here” link I get topic not found

Community Manager

That's because it has been grabbed by the filter! Smiley Frustrated


Restored now Smiley Happy


Works now. Many thanks.


Pretty sure that wasn't there when I asked. Smiley Surprised

Maybe the filter issue was hiding it.

But thank you.


Hi There,  as a newbie to box sets,  we are half way through season 4 of walking dead and have just found out its gone after 27th March !!

Is there a way of downloading it before it finishes or are we going to lose it alltogether?




Same here. New to box sets. And wondering if I’m going to lose all the downloaded (to the Q box) series of The Walking Dead. I’m holding off starting series 4 because of this as I won’t finish it by the deadline. 


Tried googling and searching the community but can’t find a definitive answer. 


So do all the downloaded episodes that I haven’t viewed disappear come the deadline?




Hi JHME,  I think I have managed to sort this but you will need to get on soon.

On my Sky box, on box sets,  you can click to record all.  This just downloads two episodes.

If you then start watching the ads on the second episode,  it will download two more  and so on.


Not perfect but it works.

How fast,  depends on your internet speed.

Once you download 'all'  it may leapfrog the expiry time of next Tuesday,  but not sure its worth the risk and as there has been no help on here, I just started trying different things until I found somthing that works.

I hope that helps you

Community Manager

Hi all,


The Walking Dead S1-7 are all due to end soon on Box Sets, but if they are already downloaded on the planner you have 12 months to view them. S8 is only on Catch Up (I've corrected the info in the article) at the moment, so the last episode will expire on 16/05/18.


The Walking Dead Season 8 Box Set - once released - will be available in your planner for 12 months. 


For more info about On Demand content expiry dates you can see How to find an expiry date.




been attacked by the expired box sets feature. Do you know when walking dead 1-7 would be back on box sets please?




I’m the same as pmcman72. 

Fallen out with box sets big time as Walking Dead is one of our favourites. Will it come back on?