Are you mentally ready for Legion Season 2?

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Starts Tuesday 17 April @9pm | FOX



His whole life, David believed he was schizophrenic and struggled to maintain his sanity. All that changed when he met the girl of his dreams. With her help, David realised that he is a powerful mutant. He managed to win an epic battle for control of his mind, but David’s war with the malicious parasitic force that possessed him is far from over.


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Dan Stevens most recently starred as “The Beast” in Disney’s smash hit live-action film Beauty and the Beast. Other projects include starring as “Charles Dickens” in the Man Who Invented Christmas, the romantic comedy Permission, and Gareth Evans’ upcoming Apostle in which Stevens plays a man who goes in search of his missing sister. 


Previously, Stevens starred in the cult hit The Guest, Night at The Museum III, a Walk amongst the tombstones, Criminal Activities, Colossal and The Ticket. His television credits include the Golden Globe-winning Downton Abbey, HBO’s High MaintenanceSense & Sensibility, The Line of Beauty and Frankenstein, as well as roles in the TV movies Maxwell and Dracula








Self-sufficient and street smart, Syd used her pointed dement to keep people at a distance, until she fell in love with David, a powerful mutant. Together they fight for a world in which they can be together. 


Rachel Keller had a breakout role in the second instalment of FX’s Golden Globe-winning anthology series Fargo playing “Simone Gerhart.” This led to her leading role in FOX’s Legion. 







Despite a life of drugs and alcohol abuse, David’s friend Lenny knows that any day now her life is going to turn around, which gives her the likeable energy of the impossible optimist. Lenny was the chosen vessel for the Shadow King until, during the battle for David’s mind, he abandoned her and slipped into Oliver’s body instead. What’s to become of Lenny now that she is no longer needed?


Aubrey starred opposite Elizabeth Olsen in Matt Spicer’s Ingrid Goes West, which was released by Neon in August The film premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival to rave reviews, and debuted in theatres nationwide to critical acclaim. On television, Plaza starred in the Emmy nominated comedy Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler. Plaza played “April Ludgate,” the underachieving assistant to Nick Offerman’s “Ron Swanson” and wife to Chris Pratt’s “Andy Dweyer.” Her performance in Parks and Recreation garnered her a number of nominations, including one for an American Comedy Award for “Best Comedy Supporting Actress.” 




What will be the next stage of David's internal conflict?