25 Days of Christmas GOLD

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This Christmas enjoy all the classics on Christmas Gold, launching tomorrow 1st December on EPG 110! 


For every single day in the countdown to Christmas, GOLD has packed plenty of laughter and Christmas cheer to get you ready for the big day.


Only Fools & Horses, The Vicar of Dibley, Porridge, The Royal Family, Dad's Army, Blackadder's Christmas Carol, The Good Life, Gavin & Stacey, The Two Ronnies and Bottom.


Here are just some of the best Classic Brit titles. Comedy worth sharing!




Christmas Specials: It's been three years since the BBC documentary crew first arrived at the office. Back for one last visit, they find Gareth now in charge and is running the office with a military precision. The big news for Tim is the imminent arrival of Dawn. The documentary crew has kindly offered to fly Dawn and boyfriend Lee from Florida back to Slough for the office Christmas party.





I think you have put in the wrong dates. 

You have entered November dates, not December's.

e.g. "The Office Friday 2nd" was Friday November 2nd, not December 2nd (which is a Sunday). 

If you understand what I'm trying to say. 

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Thanks for spotting this out @Smokeycat Smiley Happy

What's your favourite GOLD classic?

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I almost forgot how good Blackadder is.


I watched the Christmas Carol episode last night and for a moment I thought it was a completely different series, due to Edmund's unusual behaviour... He then got a visit from the ghost of Christmas Past and Future (whose appearance was actually very physical)... and that's when things started going back to normal.  😂


Needless to say that I felt the urge to watch another episode, and I would have carried on watching if it wasn't 11pm already... Richard Curtis 4ver, happy Friday everyone! 😃

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Blackadder's Christmas Carol is the only Christmas tradition I need.