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Unable to redeem Apple TV+ offer

Towards the end of last year I claimed the offer for 6 months free of Apple TV+, but have not yet redeemed the offer.
I no longer, or may never have, had the email confirming the offer with the instructions to on how to redeem the offer, but I do remember reviewing the item in the MySky app in December to check when it needed to be redeemed by, I’m fairly certain this was the end of January 2024.
What I am looking for, is a copy of the details that I claimed, with the instructions and the redemption code required to get the offer. Yesterday afternoon I have spent over 2 hours being passed from 1 department to another, probably 7 in total for the last one to finally offer this email address as a way to resolve the issue. I tried emailing (help at skyvip) as advised but got an email later that evening saying it had failed after repated attempts.
I think some others may have been having similar issues, has anyone managed to get access to their claimed code after it has been removed from the app?

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