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Re: Tennis on sky in 24

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@EastbourneWTA wrote:

 I paid another £20 for sky Tennis  on my nowtv account. but its horrible. I still cant record and watch later, wifes missing her programs!!  

NowTV on box, stick or app has never had 'recording' (local or cloud) : historically that's always been one of the main distinctions between it and a full-cost Sky-branded television system, and partly explains why Now remains a separate operation within Sky Group.

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Re: Tennis on sky in 24


Slightly off topic for a Sky Forum but relevant to tennis fans.

There is free tennis to watch via the ATP Tour site albeit at Challenger level.

However you sometimes get some well known players in these events - Dan Evans & Andy Murray are both playing this week in the Bordeaux tournament.

The link for this is atptour.com/en/challenger-tour/challenger-tv

You can watch live matches and also replays, the thing  badly missing from Sky tennis.

I watch it on my TV using a Firestick.

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Re: Tennis on sky in 24

I'm not a sky subscriber but have a Now sub with Sports.


Was watching last night's Sabalenka versus Collins match and it was about 22.04 I came out of it and it was no longer an option for me to watch because the main stream was showing the Rome coverage for the next day and the bonus streams was showing the Hurkasz match.


Anyone else get this problem.  Basically if you leave the main stream and the programme time has lapsed, there's no way of getting back in.


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