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Sky Arts Schedule

This Saturday evening (23 March) Sky Arts are showing two programs:

(1) Rudeboy: The Story of Trojan Records

(2) Record On: The Specials - A Message to You


But sources differ as to which is first.

Some (like the Freesat EPG) say that Rudeboy is on at 20:00-21:55  and Record On is at 21:55-23:25

But others (like the Freeview EPG) say that Record On is on first: 20:00-21:30 and then Rudeboy at 21:30-23:25.

Online listings also differ.


So which is it ?


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Re: Sky Arts Schedule

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@kjhskj75 the sky epg has it rudeboy followed by record on so I'll be inclined to believe it's that order 


if you are able to set recordings record both and it won't matter what order they are in 

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Re: Sky Arts Schedule

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It is premiering first on Sky Arts tonight.


The 'Record On' is the third part of a series that was shown on Sky Arts previously.

It is made as a Sky Arts original series, produced by White Light Film productions and the first two episodes of the series are listed here;



Sky have themselves promoted it;



The other programme you mention is just another programme from 2018 that Sky have added, with related content.

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