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@Kleer1991  I'm sorry to hear that you still have problem after starting this thread at the end of last year.

I'm amazed that you are still hanging in and you dont have Netflix. As I have posted, I gave up after wasting hours listening to people that dont have a clue and just reading scripts. There is a problem with FOR SOME people but Sky must have it low on the list of things to fix because it only effects a few customers.

I decided to have my Netflix payment removed from my Sky payment and reactivated my Netflix account directly. Ok it costs me a few my pounds a month to do it directly but I was watching Netflix in 10 minutes through my Sky Q box! 😀

I'm sorry the universe is correct and at this point (it may change) go direct to Netflix for account payment. Dont worry you will still be able to watch it on your Sky Q box.


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