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Fallout - Amazon Prime Video

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As a big Fallout fan, I was very eager for the new series on Prime Video. After the success of the Last of Us I'm loving this new market of bringing video games even more to life.


But, I still remained pessimistic as I LOVED Fallout 4 and didn't want to see a TV series flop! 


No spoilers, but it was fantastic, the set, the story, the casting all brilliant. The only slight cringe moments I had were some of the one-liners IYKYK. The Brotherhood of Steel power armor and the mutant axolotl were definitely a couple highlights 😎 Could we see a Deathclaw in S2, that is the question!


Here's a write up of episode 1 by one of our colleagues: https://insider-gaming.com/fallout-tv-show-preview/


What did you think?


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