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Discovery App

Hi all, I have the Discovery App on my TV through Sky.  Is there any way I can get this content without the adverts?


They are literally every 6 minutes and always the same ad.  I've not watched it for months as it was driving me mad.  I can't see to find a solution or any advice where I can pay to not watch the ads.




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Re: Discovery App

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What Sky service and package do you have? Have you linked you Sky account and discovery plus account


Sky offer the Discovery + Standard Tier (premium tier if you take the TNT sport package with SKY) which will only have a limited number of ads in the on-demand content, Obviously with the normal ads on the live stream.


You can check your discovery plus plan by logging in and going to your profile and selecting Account.




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Re: Discovery App



Hi Mark and thanks for your reply.  I have Sky Signature with Netflix. I do watch the DiscoveryPlus App via my sky already but its become unbearable with the long and frequent ads.  I'm guessing that there isn't an option to pay for add less content.


Appreciate your reply.


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