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Re: Communal system being shut down due to poor infrastructure

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So to my question, could I get a SKY puck when they become available to allow me to watch the failing channels from the communal system and also use my existing sky box to watch and record the channels that are still working.

As it currently stands, no, because you can't have both a Sky Streaming Puck and another Sky TV system in the same household. Unless things change when the standalone Puck is launched. 

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Re: Communal system being shut down due to poor infrastructure

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Good morning, this is long winded, but the following information is critical to the best way forward for a viable solution.


1. Communal infrastructure has failed.

2. Communal infrastructure only provides 1 feed into the house.

3. Area is a conservation area, no visible dishes are allowed.

4. [Property] is grade 2 listed, however due to my property being "off special historical importance" no walls can be drilled.


That's the rules and regs dealt with, I will be allowed to do the following:-

1. Install my own sky dish within my garden as the dish will not be visible to anybody who wants to complain to English Heritage etc.

2. Route a cable to the existing cable that enters the property, cut this existing cable and connect my new feed from my new dish. This will give me a sky signal back, I will still be in single feed mode, but that's better than nothing at the moment.


Now my question, can i make my system any better while I am carrying out this work, could I make it suitable for SKY Q, [remember] no drilling of the property and only 1 feed.




Have you considered Sky Glass instead? That needs no dish nor any additional installation. And if your Internet fails, you can use Freeview/Saorview while your Internet is unavailable. 


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