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Caught Red Handed - S6 E1

Watching the show was quite disappointing as to how biased we can be.  Take a very close look at the incident after the robber left the shop _ according to the narration, the words are quite telling as to how biased we can be and illustrates the underlying systemic racism we face in this country.  The narrator says "if it was not for James".. let's break this scenario down.  Then the shop keeper says "I can't believe somebody would risk their lives". Who actually risked their lives first.  James actually said, someone approached the robber and pointed him out... which is actually what happened.  The unamed hero which is never mentioned, is actually the first to approach the robber and I need not tell you the rest. Watch it for yourself and tell me the narration is accurate. I actually think it is disgusting to be honest. (removed)  SHAME ON YOU SKY DOCUMENTARIES


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