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Re: Sky Sports+ On PC

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I think you mean the desktop app @nigea99 as you can stream the Sky sports channels via it so it will be interesting to see if Sky Sports+ is added to it.

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Re: Sky Sports+ On PC

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When it launches in August, does anyone know if Sky Sports+ be accessible on a Windows PC via a web site or Windows App?

I currently use the Sky Go Windows App which is really good.



Short answer is "no". 

"Launching this August, Sky Sports+ will be transformational in the amount of choice sports fans will have access to via live streams on Sky TV, streaming service NOW and the improved Sky Sports App on mobile.
Live pause and rewind will be available on all concurrent streams, and the 'Recap' feature currently available for Premier League and Championship games will also be made available for EFL games shown on the Sky Sports+ linear channel."

The Sky Sports+ online channels will be available on:

  • Sky TV
  • NOW
  • Sky Sports mobile app

There will also be a Sky Sports+ linear channel. I would suspect this will  be used to showcase Sky Sports+. I also think it's a replacement for the current Sky Sports channels. It just feels like as if this is what Sky are doing. 

Source: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/13131189/sky-sports-launches-in-august-to-give-more-ch...


Personally I don't read it as a no, although I acknowledge it could be read that way by the reference to just mobile


I think the current Sports App (which is available on PCs)  will be improved &  my guess is that it  will continue to work on PCs 


Of course, I could be wrong but this is my take

With current knowledge and public information as of now, Sky Sports+ is not going to be available on a desktop app. But maybe between now and when it launches in August, there might be a desktop app, or via the Sky Go desktop and mobile apps.

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Re: 50% more live Sport for FREE... with Sky Sports+

Hi all

i have some further information about sky sports plus when it's launched in august.

Sky sports + information 

Sky would also be adding a new linear Sky Sports+ channel with the best live action, while the rest would be available via Sky Sports+, which would show EFL, tennis, driver cams for F1, golf holes, lots of data and insights and also live interactive polls and predictions.


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