No phone line or Broadband for 7 Days!!

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No phone line or Broadband for 7 Days!!

Anyone else had no broadband or phone line for 7 days, and can’t get any response or resolution?!?  Every time I call I get a different excuse!! And have had 2 separate appointments booked for an openreach engineer to come out waited in all day and no one turned up or notified me?! And to add insult to injury I had even had a text in the morning to say I would be charged £65 if I wasn’t there . Absolutely disgraceful customer service and no care given what so ever that I have had no service for 7 days now and no answers as to when my service will resume!! 

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Re: No phone line or Broadband for 7 Days!!

All you can do is to contact Sky to find out what is happening. When you first contacted them they should have run some tests on your line to try to locate where the fault was, do you know if they did this because if the fault was outside of your property then Openreach would not normally need to visit your home.


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Re: No phone line or Broadband for 7 Days!!

Hi VR39,


@caesarome is right, the best thing to do is contact us.

The customer service agents will be able to track the progress of your fault and offer some insights into what has taken place up to this point.

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