Discussion topic: Landline wont connect to mobile after switching to Vodafone

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Landline wont connect to mobile after switching to Vodafone

Yesterday I changed my mobile from sky to vodafone. I have a landline and making calls to my mobile from it was not an issue before the switch. Today I wanted to test if the switch worked so I tried with my husbands phone(2 sims,both sky) and then our landline phone to call my transfered number after the switch was completed. (Vodafone confirmed switch was done and everything should be running)

My husbands private number- all ok
work number: tells me conditional call forwarding active.

I googled this and deactivated all forwarding in his phone- both sims and my phone. 
still not working. Now this is something I could live with for now as he cant use his phone at the moment anyway.

Then I tried to call my phone from our sky landline. And its not connecting. I got an unusual peeping/ringing sound and after a few seconds a very aggressive one. But the call is not coming through on my mobile. I can call my landline with my phone though.
I tried to call another non sky number (my mum in Germany and my GP practice here) and it rang no problems. 

I was in contact with vodafone for an hour trying everything they suggested and it didnt work. There are no settings in the landline phone itself or in my sky broadband ( not subscripted to the call shield) to change anything.

My husband is in the hospital since 1 week and I am simply concerned that some numbers wont come through on my phone. I tried several other numbers with the landline and its fine. A friend came through on my mobile as a non sky customer too.

It seems like its solely a problem between MY switched mobile and my landline and I cannot figure out whats going on.

I tried all settings connected to barred calls,forwarding, voice mail is switched off now. I used the ##002# command. Tried the network operators with changing to another one and then back to vodafone. Restarted my phone, took new sim out and put it back in several times too. 

I am literally at my witts end here. 


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Re: Landline wont connect to mobile after switching to Vodafone

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As Sky is your landline provider @FeyreC have you spoke to them about this as issues like this need to be reported it to them to their team can investigate for you. I don't think it will be a quick fix but they should be informed about it. 150 is the free number to call them on from your landline phone.

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