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VIP goodies

gee thanks so much for this:

"As a Sky VIP member, you have access to Sky Atlantic VIP. See some of the latest Sky Atlantic shows 24 hours before everyone else."

I feel SO valued. You REALLY think that this will keep me as a customer?

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Re: VIP goodies

Agree. The VIP scheme is as pathetic as the so called commentators who spend 90minutes of a football match. Talking about everything and anything with a sack load of stats thrown in as well.

How to make football boring, just add ex-football pundits and a stats filled commentator. Mindless ex footballers have a great difficulty sometimes in speaking the Queens English. Let alone trying to pronounce the hundreds of variations of overseas players. Add that to a strong regional accent, then it is time to turn down the sound and watch in peace. Even that peace is shattered when the pundits do endless replays on a goal or incident. Just so they can talk more to make themselves  even more self important.

 And SKY wonder why they are losing customers.

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