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 What is Sky VIP?

Sky VIP is our new loyalty programme that we're launching for our customers. It’s our way of saying thank you for being with Sky


How do I join Sky VIP?

As long as you’ve got the updated My Sky app, you can join Sky VIP by selecting the white ‘Sky VIP’ button on the homepage


Why is the loyalty programme only available via the My Sky app?

The My Sky app is the easiest & best way of managing your whole Sky account. So it made the most sense to include Sky VIP in the app.


What rewards can I get?

The rewards are different depending on which tier you’re in. Head to Sky VIP in the My Sky app to find out what rewards are ready for you


How do I claim my Welcome Gift?

Just head to the Sky VIP section in your My Sky app, swipe through to the Welcome Gift reward, select it, accept the Ts & Cs & you’ll be sent an email with details on how to redeem your Welcome Gift. This will include a code that you’ll need to enter on the Sky Store website


I've forgotten my Sky iD and/or password.

No problem, all you need to do is head to  this link and follow the instructions for how to retrieve your details


Does joining Sky VIP affect my contract?

Good news, Sky VIP is free to join and you don’t need to change your contract or re-contract to access the programme and redeem your Welcome Gift. We hope you enjoy your movie


What is See It First / Sky Atlantic VIP?

See It First is one of the rewards in our brand new loyalty programme, Sky VIP.  With See It First you can watch new episodes of Sky Atlantic shows 24 hours before anyone else on our new channel, Sky Atlantic VIP. You can find it on channel 995 


Do I get money off my bill?

Sky VIP is all about giving our customers exclusive rewards & money-can’t-buy experiences rather than taking money off their bill


Do I have to take Sky Q experience to qualify for the Sky Q reward?

You must take Sky Q 2TB, Sky Q mini-box and the Sky Q experience to be eligible for this reward. 


My device is not compatible with the My Sky app, can I use another device / I don't have a smartphone or iPad?

We focussed on Apple & Android devices first. We'll let you know if we release another version that supports other devices.


If you don’t have a smartphone or iPad you will be able to join Sky VIP over the phone and our advisors will redeem most of the rewards on your behalf. But the best Sky VIP experience and full suite of rewards is on the My Sky app.


I've claimed the free Sky Go Extra, how long does it take to activate?

It can take up to 24 hours for Sky Go Extra to activate from claiming and we'll send you an email to tell you when the service is active. The tile will also be removed the app as soon as you've claimed. 


I think you've got my tier wrong

All the Sky VIP tiers are based on how long you’ve been a Sky customer on a continuous basis. We automatically move you into your new tier as soon as you reach a new anniversary. If you’ve got any more questions about your tier, then head to Sky VIP in the My Sky app, where there’s lots of information about how it all works


I've not received my  Welcome Gift Email
The email can take up to 24 hours to arrive. If you have not received the email you should have been sent a SMS to a mobile number that we have registered against you account. If you have redeemed the welcome gift through the My Sky app and have not received an SMS or e-mail, and would like to claim their Welcome Gift please go to and use the code “GIFT” to claim your reward.


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