Customers outside London

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Customers outside London

As a customer of over 15 years - probably nearer 20 - I'd like to make a suggestion about Sky VIP offers and rewards.  It's great that Sky gives some thought to rewarding loyal customers but after being with VIP since it started it seems that customers outside London are neglected.


Some of the "rewards" are a bit of  a joke - being able to watch an advance episode of a programme or a movie on Sky 1 on Christmas Day whichis already available on the movie channel.  Cinema tickets are spread across the country which is welcome even if they are extremely difficult to obtain and the cinemas not always well chosen.  


But the vast majority of Sky VIP rewards are for events in London.   Obviously people inthe south-east may be able to attend those relatively easily but for Sky customers in the rest of the country an evening event in London becomes very expensive.  A pair of train tickets from here costs several hundred pounds if not booked three months in advance.  An evening event would require a hotel stay overnight as the last train home leaves quite early.  The cost to me for two people attending could easily rise to almost £500 - and that is a very expensive night out as a reward!


So, looking at the current VIP offer, it breaks down as follows

* 1 competition event in the USA (flight / hotel included).   

* 1 competition event in London (hotel included)

*  Many sports events nationwide

*  Preview of a programme on channel 995

*  VR Experience not available to PS4 VR

*  1 cinema event locally - fully booked and routinely overbooked it appears from others' comments resulting in a

    wasted journey.

*  2 offers for customers of Sky Fibre and Sky Mobile

*  1 soundbox at £199

*  1 studio experience in Scotland

*  7 events in London


So, unless you're a sports fan, there's not a lot outside London that does not involve considerable expense. 

When it started Sky Q offered a free movie which was very welcome and a great reward accessible to every customer.  This Christmas if you live in the south-west, Midlands, north, Wales and don't follow sport there is absilytely nothing to reward long standing, loyal customers.


Maybe Sky would like to re-balance this?  Why not survey a group of customers outside London to ask what is a worthwhile reward for them?    At the moment Sky VIP is rather irrelevant to me as a cusotmer and not worth looking at.

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Re: Customers outside London

You are not the first to post this and probably will not be the last, you can be sure that comments like this do get feed back to tne relevant teams but if/when things might change is anybodies guess.


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Re: Customers outside London

Well sport is where they put most of their money so stands to reason that they get a lot of freebies.

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Re: Customers outside London

I take your point about sport making the most money for Sky.    

This Christmas the VIP  loyalty reward offer is partiicularly disappointing.  It consists of a movie on Sky 1 that is available already to Sky Movie suvbscribers, some sport on Sky q, a download of "Arthur Christmas" for free and benefits for Sky phone cusotmers .

If you are not a sport lover, live outside London (where most non-sports VIP events happen) and don't happen to like or want "Arthur Christmas" then there is absolutely nothing in VIP this holiday season.

Another poster asked for suggestions.  Well in previous years Sky has offered a choice of free downloads so that a variety of tastes were catered for.  

My suggestion is simple, offer loyal customers several movies to choose from so that there is likely to be something of interest.    Otherwise the "Christmas gift" as Sky's "way of saying thank you" gives a negative message to customers of 15+ years.  I am sure Sky has made enough money from peopel like me in that time to consider more than a childrens' animation appropriate.

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Re: Customers outside London

Sky is now trying to get there VIP customers killed offering tickets for **bleep**ty basketball in US. Its more like the VIP is nothing more then a con typical crap from SKY 

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Re: Customers outside London

You think you have it bad? Try living in Ireland as a SKy VIP member Smiley Happy I haven't seen 1 single VIP event or freebie over here