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Stream dropping out frequently

Last night my sky stream dropped out every minute or so then it would return for 4or5 mins then go again 

messages included technical issue, waiting for program to load , sound with a frozen picture and so on very annoying 

ran the broadband test said all was ok 

only running 1 puck and 1 Xbox (also had connection issues)

we have the fastest broadband apparently 

what's the answer please 



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Re: Stream dropping out frequently

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@Tricia3 open Netflix on the Stream go to Get Help and then Check Your Network that will run a speed test and tell you want download speed the Stream is getting.


Just because your broadband speed is good, it doesn't mean that the Stream puck is getting a good wifi signal and thus high speeds itself. What does your setup look this, where is your puck located? Is it next to any other electronic devices that are on?  Is it on a shelf or in a cupboard?


Another thing to try is to connect the stream via an ethernet cable and not Wifi. The puck needs a consistently strong internet connection to work, so if there is wifi drop-out from the puck that would likely be the reason you are seeing issues. If you try the ethernet route as a test, make sure you go into the puck's settings and in network turn Wifi off. The puck seems to default to wifi if its enabled so if you try with ethernet its possible it will still keep switching over to the Wifi.

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