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Sky puck

Hi, I have been with you for less than a week and the sky puck keeps buffering and cutting out, constantly throwing me out of programmes and taking me back to the home page, even though internet is working fine , not happy 😫


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Re: Sky puck

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@Leann75. One of the main reasons for freezing is the quality and speed of the WiFi signal being received at the TV/puck and not that being received at the router.  This can be checked with the Netflix App (Get help > Check network).  The minimum speed recommended for HD is 25mbps and 30mbps for UHD (add 5mbps to each if you have an additional puck)


The important thing with Wi-Fi is to have a stable signal as both Glass and Stream are susceptible to problems if there is any signal fluctuation or interference.  For this reason an Ethernet connection is usually better than WiFi as it maintains better stability. If you try an Ethernet connection don’t forget to turn off WiFi in Settings / Network / Advance settings.


If this is not practical (as in my own home) then you could consider Powerline Adapters which are about £35 on Amazon.  Don’t waste money on a Gb model as Glass and Stream Ethernet ports only support 100mbps.


TBH if your broadband speed is borderline I would be inclined cancel Stream and revert to SKy Q.  You would need to do this whilst you are in you cooling off period of 31 days.

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Re: Sky puck



is this via WiFi? If so try a LAN cable connection to eliminate if it's the puck or the WiFi. 


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