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Re: Sky Stream Remote - TV No Longer Supported

same thing happened with my parents.


when they got a 2nd box and moved the living room tv upstairs (due to upgrading the living room tv) the 2nd box didn't recognise the TV at all and became de-listed (JVC - currys vestel rebrand). the original box was reprogrammed to control the new hi-sense and so lost the JVC control it once had. Tried that box same result.


I sense that the databse gets trimmed of older models. why I don't know. 

I fixed it like the others, by simply finding another vestel branded TV in the DB. took a while mind but got there. it doesn't power off the TV though, I could only get volume to work.


The hisense is flawless. except the box seems to gets tuck now and again in 25 frames. a reboot brings it back to 60.


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Re: Sky Stream Remote - TV No Longer Supported

Thanks for making me realise it's not just me, though our Panasonic plasma still shows in the database - not that it gave me on/off though - just volume.

That said though I decided that, although we have only had the remote from joining six weeks ago, I'd change the batteries and reset it.  Interestingly it worked as per first time success - pairing to the TV immediately rather than having me try 41 settings before accessing the model database. 

What I didn't do was check the batteries I took out with a multimeter - I'm unsure therefore whether they were depleted or whether it was simply the act of taking batteries out that meant the remote was "cleaner" configuration wise. 

Either way - problem resolved for now!



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