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Sky mini box won’t connect to main box

3 days ago my upstairs mini box stopped working. Despite every reset on all boxes, multiple times over the last few days, router restarts etc nothing is fixing it. Sometimes it says there's no network connection (I have sky broadband) despite everything else in the house, including my main box, working fine with the internet, sometimes it says it can't connect to main box. Occasionally it will work but really intermittent so cuts out all the time, then goes back to saying no network or can't connect. I've tried everything suggested and I'm at the point now I want to throw it out the window!!!! Please can someone help


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Re: Sky mini box won’t connect to main box

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Hi @Wendy67 

try a Network Reset on the mini.
Network Reset found in mini Home - Settings - Setup - Network.
Highlight Status and then select Reset on the right hand side. Follow instructions to WPS with main Q box.
You will be asked to press the WPS button on the main Q box (not the mini as the Network reset will start the mini WPS automatically).

If you are on Sky Broadband and the Router is nearer to the mini than the main box then you can try pressing WPS on the router instead of the main Q box. If you do this make sure you press the Sky router WPS button and not the router reset button.

Failing all of the above you may need a Sky Q WiFi Booster to position midway between your main Q box and the mini and you will need to contact Sky directly.


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