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Sky Q

Does anyone have any information on reverting back to our old Sky box from Q?

Sky had been playing up for months and the only response we kept getting was to get Q. We delayed doing so as so used to our old box and remote control. My husband has cancer , memory problems and other health issues and loves his programmes but the remote was not working all the time. Sky said we needed Q so we did just before Christmas after putting off for ages.

Now my husband struggles to use the control. He forgets how to use it and what each button is for but never forgot the old one. Plus he loved the red button on BBC to see local news, sport etc while he had his meds in a morning.

I have asked to revert and was told if we have our old box it may be done but today after requesting to revert back they say no it is a business decision.

What do I do now - he is 68 and unhappy and loves TV while getting treatment at home but struggles to use it.

Is there a chance they would revert if complaint escalated?

Who can I contact?

I understand it but not the one that watches TV thru the day.

Does anyone have any advice please?



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