Sky Q persistent signal issues

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Sky Q persistent signal issues

Hi all,


After some advice if i may.


Had sky Q for over a year now and on a couple of occasions have had sky and other engineers come to look at problems. The last time about 4 months ago after which I have not had issues until recently.


Having worked fine suddenly at a point in the evening the signal would drop and not come back until the next day. Eventually on Monday it was just constantly no signal.


Tried various reboots , checking cables etc with no joy. Read a historic thread on here suggesting unplugging one of the two incoming cables to the box and this seems to have worked a treat.


My questions are:


1. Is having one feed in only going to affect any of the Q's functionality?

2. Why would removing the second cable fix the issue?

3. Why was this setup working without issue for 4 months then suddenly go?


For reference I live in a communal block of flats and to my knowledge only one other flat has Q.


Thanks in advance for any help.




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Re: Sky Q persistent signal issues


It has been mentioned quite a bit recently that for months it was winter and the leaves were bare. Then recent spring leaf growth (and branch growth since last year) seems to have started causing line-of-sight issues for dishes. I'm not saying that's the case in this instance as I can't see your set-up, but is it possible the direction your dish is pointed is directly through recently flourishing foliage? 

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Re: Sky Q persistent signal issues

In a communal setup the Engineer should have not connected the second cable as it does nothing. It is designed to run on one cable and unlike Sky+ HD does not impact number of things you can record 

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