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 Previous Sky+ HD Functionality


Are reminders part of Sky Q?

Not at the moment.


Can you use a Magic Eye / tvLINK with Sky Q?

No, the Sky Q boxes do not have an RF output.



Ultra HD


What do I need to receive Ultra HD?

In order to view Ultra HD you'll need a compatible TV, a subscription to Sky Q experience, and a Sky Q 2TB box


Is the Sky Q Mini / Sky Q 1TB capable of Ultra HD?

No, only the Sky Q 2TB is capable of outputting Ultra HD


Will you be implementing HDR?

We will be launching HDR in the future and we'll post more information about this closer to launch.





I have a FREESAT setup, can I retain this?

Yes you can, please advise this when ordering.


Is there a self install option for Sky Q / Sky Q Minis?

We offer self install for existing Sky Q experience customers looking to add a Sky Q Mini (UK only), this can only be requested by speaking to one of our agents. Self install is not available on the Sky Q 1TB or Sky Q 2TB boxes at the moment.


Will Sky Q work with other internet service providers?

Yes it will


Can I transfer my recordings from my old box to my new Sky Q box?

Sadly this is not possible.



Sky Q experience


Can I have multiple Sky Q main boxes?

No, you can have a maximum of one Sky Q 1TB or Sky Q 2TB. 


I have Sky Q experience, how many TV's can I watch on at the same time?

With the Sky Q 1TB you can watch on 2 TV's at the same time. With the Sky Q 2TB you can watch on 3 TV's at the same time.


Can I watch third party channels such as BT Sport on my Sky Q Mini?

Please contact your third party provider for more information.


Can I Chromecast / AirPlay / Mirror the Sky Q app?


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